Bill C-3: Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act

On December 15, 2010 Bill C-3: Gender Equity and the Indian Registration Act recieved Royal Assent. The bringing into force of Bill C-3 will ensure that eligible grand-children of women who lost their status as a result of marrying non-Indian men will become entitled to registration (Indian Status).

INAC has developed an improved service for Bill C-3 applicants, whereby eligible applicants can expect to receive registration as an Indian under the Indian Act AND an in-Canada Secure Certificate of Indian Status (status card) in one step. This has resulted in the development of a new registration form and a process whereby applications will only be accepted by mail.

Registration forms are available on the INAC web site, from the INAC Call Centre, INAC Regional Offices and Service Canada Centres  . Individuals who believe they may be entitled to registration are encouraged to visit the C-3 Registration Information section of the INAC website.

Registering your Child(ren)
It is important that you register your child before their first birthday. I.N.A.C. only covers his/her benefits for the first year before they are no longer covered. (i.e.: medical services, prescriptions). Should your child be denied coverage before their first birthday, keep records of the incident and report the incident to the Registry Manager.

Birth Father and Registering your Child
It is imperative to include the Birth Father’s information in order for your child to retain status and to guarantee coverage of benefits. The father must sign the Live Birth (long) Form at the hospital. If not, the child is automatically categorized as 6(2) status. Also, it is very important that the Birth Registration be filled out in blue pen only; the father's signature should be on this form as well. * If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Registry Manager at (306) 724-4700 ext. 237.

Attention BRFN Membership *Single Mothers*. Please contact the Registry Manager to discuss possible issues regarding your child's registration/status.

Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS)
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada began issuing Secure Certificates of Indian Status cards on December 21, 2009 to applicants who applied in the spring of 2009 and whose files are complete. INAC is continuing to contact those applicants from whom we require further information in order to complete processing of their application.
For those that have not yet applied, a new application process is being developed and will be implemented in a phased approach across Canada.
Learn more or contact your local Registry Officer for more information.

Which documents are required to apply for an In-Canada SCIS?
The following provides a general list of the documentation which will be required to apply for an In-Canada SCIS:

  • Original Birth Certificate (listing parents names)
  • Two passport style photographs
  • Original piece of valid identification (i.e. - driver's licence, passport, government issued ID)
  • Guarantor Declaration for SCIS

And if applicable:

  • Legal change of name document or marriage certificate
  • Custody Court Order
  • Statutory Declaration Form(s)

More details on the specific requirements will be provided in the application form instructions. Every possible effort will be made to return original documents within one month after an application has been recieved.

* Update as of September 20, 2010. This has been postponed until further notice.

The Big River First Nation currently has 3,078 members; over 2,100 are living on-reserve.

The Registry Manager assists members with applications such as:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Old Age Pension
  • Change of Name applications
  • Employment Insurance on-line, and;
  • Issues Certificate of Indian Status cards for Big River First Nation members.
  • Marriages/Divorces, amendments

Reports on transfers, births and deaths are made by the Registry Manager to Indian Affairs Canada and BRFN Chief and Council.

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